All you jealous punks cant stop my dunks

13 Aug

Dont front- you know you’ve got a stack of ideas, like a half ass passion to improve and a 1/4 rack in your pocket. You might even have a degree and some o’s that think you are fly. Chances are your swag is at 100X when the sun sets and your social presence online makes you look like the mother &%^#in man. But lets be honest. in those moments when you tell yourself you are going to make it, chances are you settle into your funk and front like your life is too hard to do anything. It was at this cusp of introspection into infallible reality that creatorleech was born.

on some smart shit- you can find success by doing 1 of two things:
1. Create
2. (or) Leech

Son a creator is the type of person that can make stuff happen.  Im talking about the type of people that dont need clarity on who they are because they already know the answer.  They are the same people that dont need to know what you chose before they choose, they dont need an example to figure out the next move.  We all know of creators, ambitious cats strive to be them, mot people think beoming a creator means they will make a ton of money and live the life they want- it is this unfortunate thinking that allows creators to exist in the first place.  Success is a feature of the creator, not a function.  Call it what you want to call it- mindstate, lifestyle, whatever- it is what it is and a leech is what it isnt.







Some people need a track to figure things out, these people are generally in the leech category.  A leech benefits from the creator.  A leech is a customer, an employee, a follower.  From ivy league grads to trade school kids, these are the people that need structure to exist as an umbrella.  Make no mistake, you can achieve success as a leech if you do it right.

If you are even reading this, it means you live somewhere in between these two.  Likely at the point of being pushed in one direction or the other.  You pound drake tapes in your care, but look down on people that quote his lyrics.  You dont want fame, but you kinda do.  You can work hard as hell, but you are lazy as #$%#.  You are smart, fly, young, educated, etc. but something isnt hitting yet.

son you creatorleech, and we are going to try to help push you in the direction that works for you.  Shit, we need to figure out the direction that works for us.


a creator gonna create

24 Jul

blog swag like its free.  post 2, 3 might actually say something.

Player stop perpetratin. Foreal

22 Jul